Why You Should Experiment with Bass Guitar Pickups

Why You Should Experiment with Bass Guitar Pickups

If you are a new bass guitar player, you might not have the first clue about how to change your sound to create different tones. Of course, not every single song has the same kind of tone and notes to it, and because of that, you need to know how to adapt your sound to your needs.

Asking advice, experimenting, and of course, knowing exactly how a bass guitar works, are all ways to improve the sound that enters the ears of the listener when you play your own instrument.

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First things first however, what are bass guitar pickups?

What are Bass Guitar Pickups?

Aside from the rather complicated sounding name, a guitar pickup actually does serve a very important purpose. A pickup is a transducer, and this is a name which is given quite widely to something which converts one kind of energy, in this case, a sound, to another. A speaker is a transducer, because it converts electrical currents and signals into a sound you can hear in your ears.

In this case, a bass guitar pickup is a small device which is installed into your guitar (and can be changed and swapped), and it converts the vibration of the string when you press or pluck it, into an electrical signal. This is then passed through the amp, into the speaker, and in the blink of an eye you get a sound.

This is an extremely quick process, but it is one which can be changed by using different types of bass guitar pickups, if you find the sound isn’t quite as good in your ear as you’d like it to be.

If you need a little more visual advice and information about bass guitar pickups, check out Blues Bass For Guitar Players, where you will be able to tap into a wealth of expert knowledge.

What is the Right Kind of Bass Guitar Pickup for You?

Basically, you’ll know you’ve picked the right kind of pickup when your instrument sounds like sweet music in your ears! The sound will be perfect for the song you’re playing and the way you play too.

If the sound is off, or it simply isn’t right to you, then it may be that you don’t have the correct type of pickup currently. Experimenting is the only way to find the best type of guitar pickup for you.

All bass guitar pickups work with the basic mechanisms of magnetism, and they are made up of magnets and coils made of wire.

The magnets work in a way that when you touch the string on the instrument, the magnetic field activates because of the vibration, and the bass guitar pickup changes this reaction into electrical signals. The speaker then converts the signals into audible sound – working as a different kind of transducer.

This is the basic workings of a bass guitar in terms of how you get the plucking of the string to turn into a sound you hear through a speaker and into your ear. From this explanation, you can see how bass guitar pickups are so important.

Seek Advice From those in the Know

You can’t be expected to know everything when you first pick up your instrument, but learning how to experiment and learning to take advice from those who understand such things is the only way to improve your learning and become a top player yourself.

Bass guitar lessons will incorporate this type of thing into your time, and whilst it’s true that you have to pay for lessons, they are invaluable if you are serious about learning how to play the bass guitar properly in the first place.

The first instrument you play will be built for beginners, if you follow advice, and as you move through your learning, you will begin to move towards a more complicated instrument, where you can mix and match pickups, to create a different, warmer, and perhaps clearer sound.

You can purchase pickups second hand quite cheaply, which is a good way to mix and match, experimenting with different equipment, to make different sounds. eBay is a good place to go, where you will find many different musicians selling the parts they no longer need or want.

Again, ask your teacher for advice too, as you may find useful nugget of information here, or head online and check out the many forums and sites which help wannabe bass players develop their playing to a higher level.

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